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I have kept away from specific sectors for some time, as waiting for the right project is an important consideration. When dealing with Fintech, and particularly crypto, it takes a lot of effort to sift through the thousands of coins to find a coin that makes sense. Recently, I have found the coin that can not only create a great deal of wealth but also address one of the biggest problems facing the mining industry: artisanal mining.

Here is a coin that takes the Ethereum platform of blockchain to provide a socially conscious investing option. It is an investment backed by a growing amount of gold accumulating in the vaults of international financial institutions and a streaming model that has a significant net positive result for the environment and the community it invests in.

Each gram of gold  is identified and traced, just like in seeds of corn, wheat, or other types of food. There has been careful consideration given to the impact of artisanal mining on the environment, along with the absolute necessity of mining towards the necessary improvements needed  in the future combined with a fully operational ESG crypto investment. We can build towards tomorrow now while addressing many of the global concerns regarding fair trade, equality of opportunity, meaningful work in safety, and instilling hope in desperate regions.

The Issue with Artisanal Mining

The use of mercury is a controversial practice where much of the mercury pollution comes from third world artisanal mining – no, not the large-scale mining companies but the hundreds and thousands of artisanal mines  operating illegally around the world. These are small-scale operations , usually  functioning in Third  World and developing nations, in which environment, regulations, and safety are irrelevant when you have no food to eat. These projects never get funded, resulting in a lack of proper consultation, engineering, and technical expertise. Workers exhaust themselves for 10 to 12 hours a day, and daily handling of toxic elements like mercury and cyanide cause  health ramifications to the miners, their communities, and the world’s ecosystem,   especially with  traces of mercury being found all the way to the oceans.

What if you could help alleviate  these issues and improve these miners’ health,  compensation, opportunity with the use of state-of-the-art equipment instead of relying on backbreaking work? What if a business model existed that solved all of these devastating problems and yet had  an attractive revenue model that attracted capital.

 The Solution from GoldFinX

GoldFinX finances artisanal mining projects around the world and focuses on providing funding, safety protocols, equipment, and training to the roughly 20 million workers within the artisanal gold-mining  communities  worldwide. Although there are a few examples around the world that exemplify small-scale mining working correctly under the watchful eye of local government, most projects around the world are much more dangerous and unregulated.

UN Planet Gold

At the core of GoldFinX is the objective of creating wealth in a fiscally, socially, and environmentally responsible manner. This is what the UN, WEF and BlackRock refer to as ESG. It gets people to a standard where they have the luxury to worry about not hurting the environment. These areas are dramatically  poverty-stricken, and people endure and barely survive. If they can be substantially helped, funded responsibly, and given the  access to health standards,  they can  dream of their hard work providing more than the bare necessities but rather a future of exponential change. This is an enormous endeavour, but the GoldFinX team has the expertise and the track record. In fact, they have operations functioning today in the Ivory Coast, and the reward is not merely profits. This market will be massive, and this company has the chance to make substantial returns, but it also brings measurable change to impoverished areas. It deals with environmental degradation and supports building communities – this is what ESG is all about, and it’s the future!


This term refers to socially conscious investing or sustainable investing. It is a topic unto itself, but make no mistake about it, if you read reports from major financial funds and globalist groups this is part of the Great Reset.

GoldFinX is the first fair trade, ESG cryptocurrency in the artisanal gold-mining sector. That is a mouthful to say, but this is the real deal. I have shied away from much of the crypto space,  because it is simply far too confusing for most people. That is not insulting either – it is why when you ask people who trade crypto to explain it to you as an elevator pitch, they cannot easily do it, and it ends up being more confusing. This company and strategy are straightforward and is an incredible example of how to use a blockchain platform like Ethereum to monetize, create safety standards, create employment, wealth, and hope in third world countries.

Crypto, Coins, Ledgers

As an example, let us say that it is estimated that a mining property needs US$1 million to fund the operation. This amount becomes the advance purchase agreement. Once the mines start producing, they must return what was purchased in advance. When that obligation is paid back, the business continues giving GoldFinX 20 percent of their production, in gold, for the remainder of the mine’s life. This becomes essentially a streaming/royalty type model. GoldFinX’s responsibility begins the moment the mineral is out of the ground. From that point on, a documented supply chain is created all the way to the refinery. The refinery will buy 100 percent of the gold if you can demonstrate that it has been sourced legally. It will buy it at the daily price at the London Bullion Marketing Association. The miners’ share— 80 percent of the gold mined — is liquified into US dollars and wire-transferred to the cooperative.

Of the 20 percent of the gold that  is given to GoldFinX, 5 percent is sold and used to finance the company. The remaining 15 percent is stored permanently in a vault from an international financial institution, along with the initial amount of gold received as per the  advanced purchase agreement. The amount of gold in the vault progressively increases over time. This latter detail is to the benefit of GIX holders. If for any reason GoldFinX ceases to be able to exist , the gold in the reserve will be sold and distributed to GIX holders.

What we get is an investment sitting outside the inflated and watered-down fiat market system that appears to be systemically broken. There is a marriage of old and new technology and philosophies, which is the very understanding of progress. And to build upon the wisdom and intelligence of the work of those whose who laboured on these issues before us. We get a  decentralized digital coin that is backed by an increasing amount of physical gold, an asset which has had historic and intrinsic social value for over 6,000 years. If you are interested in a blockchain deal  that participates in the gold industry,  and a streaming model that also fits many of the checkboxes the UN, WEF and other globalist groups are promoting, then look no further than this exciting project. GoldFinX has a profitable and thoughtful approach to dealing with our new world realities, and the  Great Reset.

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