Amex: An Outstanding first half 2020 AMX.V

Amex: An Outstanding first half 2020 AMX.V

This has been a difficult time for most people, it is a difficult time in history but there are companies situated firmly in the shift or new economy or Great Reset as the UN, WEC and other globalist organizations refer to it. Amex is one and it has diligently pushed forward while complying with health protocols and sensitivity towards the covid event with great confidence and the market is rewarding them for this. The company last year announced an aggressive 100,000-meter drill program on their Perron property which has 15km of strike! Great news for the sector and for a region that is rich in history and resources. In the past months since the Covid Event has occurred the company has met safety protocols, respected the advice from Health Canada but began preparing for yet another 100,000 meter program – doubling their announcement from back at Mines and Money London in November!

The highlights


Mar. 3 AMEX INTERSECTS 9.73 G/T AU OVER 9.90 M IN DEEPEST HOLE TO DATE AT EASTERN GOLD and numerous gold intercepts on Grey Cat and Gratien zones.

Then May 5 the company announced that Mr. Bryan Coates was nominated as an independent director bringing the total directors to seven. Mr. Coates brings to the Amex Board more than 35 years of experience in the mining industry. He was President of Osisko Gold Royalties from its formation in June 2014 to December 31, 2019, during which he participated in two major transformational acquisitions; Virginia Mines Inc. in 2014 for $550 million and the acquisition of a portfolio of mining assets composed of 74 royalties, streams and metal offtakes from Orion Mine Finance in 2017 for $1.1 billion. Mr. Coates also served as Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer of Osisko Mining Corporation, from May 2007 to June 2014, where he participated in the development of the Canadian Malartic Mine which had a $1 billion capital budget. Prior to, he served as Vice President Finance and Chief Financial Officer of Cambior Inc. and IAMGOLD Corporation.

On June 17th, the company announced it closed a private placement of 15.75 million that would increase drilling to another 100,000m. The company would have 6 drills working on a total 200,000-meter drill program! A week later the company announced it had: intersected 28.97 g/t Au over 5.60 m at a vertical depth of approximately 660 m.

The company has been enjoying the incredible and well-deserved attention gold deserves as a source of value in chaotic times. We are in a great deal of chaos socially, economically, politically and we are undergoing what the World Economic Forum calls the Great Reset. Mining will be leading the way in this because all the key drivers of the electrification of the future comes from mining and gold always stores value regardless of period of history. Quebec has many initiatives to attract and retain mining companies and they understand the critical need of resource for the future. The stretch of Abitibi Greenshields that crosses Ontario and Quebec is host to some of the richest deposits in the world and hold the possibility of far greater riches to those with the tenacity, technology and determination to look further and harder. It has been said that many of the easy targets have been picked off over time, and that seems to be true. That just means we must become resilient and intelligent. Amex is not only being aggressive with an incredible 200,000-meter drill program they are getting outstanding results and the attention of financier and the markets.

The final rundown is two news releases: one from June 25 and one from July 08 which, in short great results from the Eastern Gold Zone at Perron of Drill hole PE-19-165 intersected 28.97 g/t Au over 5.60 m at a vertical depth of approximately 660 m. The release states: ‘This intercept increases the bonanza grade core of the HGZ on the eastern depth extension by approximately 75 metres.’ The market reacted strongly and surged with the news on the 8th of the deepest hole drilled to date on the HGZ, drill hole PE-20-167, intersected 35.13 g/t Au over 3.30 m including 220.74 g/t Au over 0.50 m at a vertical depth of approximately 828 m.

The company is incredibly busy, incredible shareholder support and extremely well funded. The management is delivering results not only regarding workload, commitment to their plan but in the markets. They are preforming in a difficult time and market with a bright future.

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