A Quick Snapshot of Carlyle Commodities

A Quick Snapshot of Carlyle Commodities

A Quick Snapshot of Carlyle Commodities   CCC.CSE 

The excitement level has been turned on in the mining sector. Smart money that prizes value, and opportunity have been sitting on the sidelines waiting patiently for real deals, real companies that unearth the metals we use everyday to make the world a better place. I was lucky to be introduced to Morgan Good, CEO and Director of Carlyle Commodities. Mr. Good has 15 years in capital markets both in finance and structuring deals and he’s applied these skills to acquire an exciting geological land package and partnerships which will draw a lot of attention.

Getting early into a deal is what every investor dream’s of.

It is a lot easier doubling your money from $0.40 to $0.80 then $72 to $144. If you are elephant hunting or really looking for big hits and 10 baggers, then you won’t see it with mature stocks trading at $70. The mining sector has finally started its move, and we have only come in the second inning. There is a long way to go. Positioning themselves quietly with strategic deals is Carlyle capital leveraging on a strong jurisdiction and key first drivers of precious metals. This company is hitting on all fronts with a tight capital structure, strong management able to make deals and setting themselves up to deliver.

Carlyle Commodities specialized in acquiring, financing, and developing growth stage exploration projects and their first deal was with Riverside Resources to option their flagship property Cecilia Gold-Silver project in Mexico. Riverside Resources has such a strong reputation not only for the quality of work but for the reputation they bring in Mexico and to the mining sector in general. They add value to projects.  I had a chance to speak with President/CEO of Riverside Resources John-Mark back in February at PDAC.  This project just needs the focus it deserves and for Morgan Good of Carlyle to strike a deal to work this high-grade gold-silver potential with multiple drill-ready targets is a good sign. Making a deal with such a strong and competent company is a great feat in a hungry market looking to advance quality projects. This project looks to be just that. Riverside will retain a 2.5% NSR on the property and have worked out a fair deal for this project and allows this eager team to enhance and add value with a strong partner.

The Cecilia Project

Located in the Senora Province of Mexico IS only 40 km of the US/Mexico border. Back on June 06, 2017 Riverside Resources completed a 1st phase exploration program which resulted in one of the workings at the Cerro Magallanes dome revealing high grade rock chip samples up to 133.7 g/t Au and 335 g/t Ag. This is obviously a bit of cherry picking of outstanding grab samples, but it lets you know that this is a region worth extensive effort. It needs a young, energetic crew that will pour over the 7,739.4 hectares property.

Carlyle just announced its first phase on this property back in July 24. The crew is going to do more detailed mapping, sampling and a geophysical survey consisting of 10-line kilometers of IP centered over the sedimentary hosted anomalies identified outside of the dome target. This is expected to take 5 weeks followed by diamond drilling.

Corporate Snapshot

It is always important to see that management has ‘skin in the game’. It is also to see the strength of the partners and affiliates supporting this venture. There is a small but active retail float that once word gets out on further developments will see quite a bit of activity.


Now we are not done. There is a hint that there is still another deal in the works. It is all quite hush hush right now but the rumor mill is that Morgan Good is in talks to strike a partnership with another well known and respected player that wants the next generation of miners, financiers and prospector’s to make their way.

This is our first quick snapshot look at Carlyle. We look forward to going through the project in more detail and some of the key aspects about the deal. The stock has moved from $0.05 to over $0.40 and has an existing flagship property to advance and prove up. This is a quiet new force moving into the market.


Now is the time to keep this company in your view. Take a piece of paper and right CCC.CSE and check the stock, news-flow and watch as value is created to an exciting project by a dynamic team.


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