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I’m Andrew O’Donnell, the founder behind Supercharged Stocks.

We provide market analysis for positioning people ahead of major market moves. We believe that the Commodity Sector is about to begin its cycle of growth; particularly the mining sector. We are the hub for the whispers, chatter, news and results that provide you perspectives in the market and positioning for solid returns. The previous site was focused primarily on precious metals, providing opinion, and access to news not promoted in the mainstream. That section is now under the Prospectors’ Corner under Commodities where we provide access to a dealer for purchasing assets and wealth in this sector. We know the mainstream media has its own narrative for politics and the market and most of the news is not related by these outlets.

Andrew O’Donnell,
Managing Director, Supercharged Stocks

Years of
Proven Investing
What We Do

We get you in ahead of the curve of the mining sector boom.

Supercharged Stocks identifies asymmetric opportunities in the market, limiting downside-risk while increasing the potential multiple of return! It is about odds. The options and derivatives market can best be used for this because of the use of leverage; however, we do not need leverage. There is only one sector right now that time and time again has proven this strategy.

We engage retail investors with market commentary, usually privy to institutions, CEO interviews and insights into the markets, sectors and companies that could deliver massive potential gains

The site is also meant to encourage critical thinking. It is not just about some of the great returns already achieved but the reasoning behind why we need to invest in a new approach, to use modern tools to solve current problems.

20 Plus Years

Andrew has spent over 20 years in the financial sector working with and for some of the largest companies such as Merrill Lynch and RBC.

A Proven Track Record

Andrew has a proven track record of identifying big wins and being transparent along the way. See Andrew’s track record.

Skin In The Game

Andrew doesn’t talk about companies he doesn’t have skin in the game with. The companies he publicizes are ones that he has thoroughly vetted AND put money into.

On Stage & Out In The Open

Andrew regularly speaks at conferences around the world, including NYC, London, Vancouver, and Toronto.

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Our Supercharged Track Record

Apr 2019
1,266% Gain
Tudor Gold (TUD.V)
Recommend at: $0.33
High Price: $4.51

Tudor Gold is a Canadian exploration company in the Golden Triangle. Tudor controls 35,518 hectares in 4 projects that are all located next to world-class deposits such as ‘Brucejack’ and ‘Snowfield’ (Pretium Resources) and ‘KSM’ (Seabridge Gold).

Apr 2020
681% Gain
Desert Mountain Energy (DME.V)
Recommended At: $0.27
Current price: $2.11

Desert Mountain Energy Corp. is an energy company actively engaged in exploration and development of Helium and Oil & Gas properties in the U.S. Southwest.

Nov 2018
542% Gain
Great Bear Resources (GBR.V)
Recommend at: $3.08
52-Week High: $19.83

Great Bear Resources Ltd. is a well-financed gold exploration company focused in the prolific Red Lake District in Northwestern Ontario.

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